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How much time would it take you to do the same amount of work?

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  • 5 articles writing:
    • content preparation - 5-10 hours
    • writing - 5-10 hours
  • Article Directories submission: 1 hour per day
  • Articles for web 2.0 preparation: 5 hours
  • Posting your articles to web 2.0 websites: 2-3 hours
  • Search of a relevant blogs and submission of a 10 posts: 2-5 hours
  • 25 bookmarks in a Social Bookmarking services: 2-5 hours
  • Directories submission: 5 hours

That's about 60-80 hours of your work week!. And this does NOT include: time for study, expenses for special software, recruiting staff, leasing an office, purchasing office equipment, and so on.

Many professionals charge more than $85 per hour for this kind of work. If you add up how much would it cost you to hire a professional to perform a comprehensive "link-juice" building plan, the sum could easily be more than a $5000 a month!

Top SEO Packages offers you the same comprehensive service for thousands less:

SEO: Bronze Silver Gold
Quality Articles
Articles Submissions
Web 2.0 Articles
Web 2.0 Articles Post
Blog/Forum Comments
Directories Submissions
Social Bookmarking
YouTube Video
6 months (monthly)
6 months (one-time fee)

(Save $285)


(Save $585)


(Save $985)

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* If you still have any questions, please fill out our SEO Service Request Form.

For as low as $297 a month, you can cash in on this incredibly complete and broad-based approach to generating link-juice to your website. These are actually the same exact optimization techniques we use for the best of our own projects!

Plus, we are so confident you'll be happy with the quality of our services and the results we provide, we offer you a 30-Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee if you're not thrilled with the results!

seo packages guarantee

So, without any risk on your part and for as low as $297 a month you get a full-featured service that saves you about 60 hours of work each and every month!

Our experts must complete costly educational programs and training, they must have a huge amount of experience to even begin working with us, they must work very fast, and they must master our special software where it's necessary. Our price is very low for such a comprehensive and high quality of service. Hey, do the math.

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